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Stephen Weigel
Master of Arts student in Music Composition
Chamber Choir Graduate Assistant

Stephen Weigel has a Bachelor of Science in Music Media Production at Ball State, and is currently attending Ball State for a Master's in Music Composition. As a graduate assistant, he teaches aural skills, and helps out in the Chamber Choir and Choral Union ensembles. Stephen’s work has been featured at EMM 2016, SCI Nationals 2016, The National Audience Awards 2014, UnTwelve Microtonal Camp 2016, in various online video games, and numerous other BSU concerts. He has worked at CRS, WCRD, for CEI films, IPR’s show The Scene, and at St. Mary’s Catholic Church. His instruments of choice are piano, voice, guitar, and saxophone. He has sung in Chamber Choir, Choral Union, Statesmen, and Concert Choir, as well as some barbershop.

 His favorite subjects in music theory are xenharmonics (microtonality), philosophy, and composition, and he is currently the President of the BSU Xenharmonic Music Alliance (XMA). Other enjoyable subjects for him include mathematics, artistic topics, and instrument building. His most notable accomplishment to date has been the addition of important numerical principles to the set-theory canon (all-scalar set theory), of which he has presented at numerous planned professional lectures at BSU, Muncie Kennedy Library, and Michigan.